Thursday, May 9, 2013

bucket list: summer 2013

so guess what my friends?


i can't explain how excited i am. i really can't. after i took my last exam on tuesday, i didn't know what to do with myself. other than feed my addiction of regular drip coffee with mocha and coconut flavoring.....MY REWARD FOR FINISHING SCHOOL.

as school has come to a close and summer is basically here, i have complied a "bucket list" of sorts that contains all i hope to do during the summer (besides working and chores of course).

and here we go:

bucket list: summer 2013

*do some gardening- i have purchased some baby plants (seeds) and i have this weird urge to do some gardening. the one's i'm most excited for are my cilantro and rosemary seeds (really just planting these for the smell. it's quite nostalgic for me)

*i want to be more apt to visit farmers markets and just take in the ambiance and find some yummy fresh veggies and fruits.

*i don't know why, but i want to do some painting this summer as well.

*maybe this is the inner hippie coming out in me, but i also want to do a good bit of tie-dye. and tea dying (aka make perfectly good white shirts look antiqued)

* i want to read. i want to read for PLEASURE. i don't even know what that is anymore since i haven't really done it since high school. but i have a huge list of books and i'm going to start this week while i am out of town.

(side note: i will be out of town starting friday so the next thing on my list may or may not start happening till i return. and this will depend on if i have internet.)

*i want to take more pictures and blog a whole lot more, and make youtube videos (i know i know. i say this all the time). or more like just make the videos and not care about the reaction. that's my issue. i'll film something and then realize WHILE I'M FILMING that what i'm filming is stupid and no one will like it. because i'm hard on myself. and that's silly. also, while i have a buttload of video ideas, actually executing them is the issue.

what are your plans for this summer??

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