Thursday, May 16, 2013

Virginia 2013: College Graduation and the cousin who now has a bachelor's in biology

Hi friends! 
How has your week been?
mine has been kinda crazy and kinda of great at the same that possible?
 it is in el mundo de Caroline.

i got a little fancy there. look at that. daaaaaannnnnng.

anyways, i went out of town last friday and headed for the country! 
Virginia, New Kent County to be exact. 
the very place that Martha Washington was born. 
now there's a little history lesson for ya! 

i have family up here and this is where we gather for Christmas or football games (which is now a thing of the past since both boys who play football are grown)

this week was no different, except for the occasion: college graduation
my cousin, Ryan, just graduated from Christopher Newport University with a degree in Biology! 

needless to say this Eagle Scout has got some serious brains.

lookin studious, right? 
but in all seriousness, i'm so proud of this kid! along with having completed his degree, he just left this morning to spend a few months in Nevada studying bats. pretty cool if ya ask me!

mom, Ryan, and myself

my cousin and his cute lady. :)

three generations

muh baby

why yes. i have become one of those girls 
that takes pictures of their food.
 but who cares? 
this was good ole' fashioned country cooking.

don't even get me started on dessert. 
laaaaawwwd have mercy.

i just love this pooch.

so on mother's day, we had left over graduation food with the family and i ate way to much. 
but i don't regret any of it. 
so. good. 
good time of family togetherness and such.

there are so many more pictures but that's for another post.


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