Thursday, April 4, 2013

monthly resolutions: april

so...ya'll know how at the beginning of each year
everybody and their uncle's dog are gearing up to make "new years resolutions"?
yeah. i'm not one of those people.
i don't normally make resolutions because i know that i won't come through with them.

but i saw this lovely idea on this lovely lady's blog and i thought to myself
 "maybe month by month resolutions would be better?"

so i'm going to try it out.
and i figure it will be a good way to keep myself accountable
knowing that people are reading this.

1. spend more time in the Word.
this is something i struggle with and i know dang well i need to get back to it.
and that's that.

2. get more excercise.
this can consist of a number of things: walking, running, biking, SOMETHING other than my normal bouncing back and forth around campus. that just isn't cutting it. and i need to stick with it AT LEAST three times a week. for ATEAST 30 minutes to an hour. i went on a bike ride yesterday and the day before it was simply the best. thing. ever.

3. eat more fruits and veggies.
i have been really trying to eat better
(in terms of portions and what i'm eating completely)
and have become very interested in nutrition in general.
 the only issue is adding even more of these yummy colorful edibles.

4. budget better.
i have made budget's before BUT i have two jobs and it's hard to budget properly when one job pays you every two weeks at a consistent amount and the other pays you every week but the amount changes based on sales.......sheesh.

what are you resolutions for april?

i'm linking up with kelli @ she learns as she goes!


Jennifer said...

yay for monthly goals! that's what I've been doing this year. it's worked out so much better than yearly goals!

love you!

Caroline Gant said...

aww shucks. it always makes me happy when you comment. LOVE YOU!

Suzanne said...

Have fun with your goals this month! :)

Watch out, fruits and veggies are addictive! (in a good way)