Tuesday, July 23, 2013

ultimate summer driving playlist

it is a thing that is much needed, ESPECIALLY during the summer time. 

if you're anything like me, then music is an essential in almost everything you do, 
including getting from point A to point B.

so i know that i shared some of my current musical jams with you, but here are some more of the tunes, including previously mentioned that make up my ultimate summer driving playlist.

love somebody- maroon 5
electric feel- mgmt
my hope is in you lord- aaron shust
live and die- the avett brothers
wishing well- the oh hellos
clouds catch fire- fever fever
mirrors- justin timberlake
get lucky- daft punk
pom poms- the jonas brothers
suavemente- elvis crespo
gold digger- kanye west (CLEAN VERSION)
wop- j. dash
say my name- destiny's child

...and so many more to name....but this is just a taste, a mere nibble, at what i like when i'm driving.

what is your ultimate summer driving playlist?


Jennifer said...

you listed The Avett Brothers.

my life is now complete.

love you!! :)

Caroline Gant said...

haha. i have been converted into a loyal fan of those bearded brothers.

i love you too!