Saturday, October 30, 2010

straight up

songs are great.
amazing, and for some people, a way of life.
There are some songs that make you smile, some make you mad, some make you laugh, and some make you sad (gawlly....i'm a poet who didn't know it).

in Christian music, there are the songs that you know are from Christian bands, which in your head, mean that they are Christian songs.
some songs require a scavenger hunt to find what in the world they are talking about. some are quite obvious.

i say all this to tell you about two songs i have been listening to ALOT lately (mainly ALOT today)

these songs are special to me because, in all honesty, they straight up share the gospel. IN A WAY THAT ATTRACTS MOST HUMANS: through la musica.......

why don'tcha take a listen to these tunes:


"Lead me to the Cross"

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