Wednesday, June 6, 2012

the snyder family

hidey ho from Colorado!

so it has been a few days. whoops.

anyways, i want to share with you a fantastic part of my trip so far in Colorado. I had wonderful privilege to see and stay the night with the Snyder family! I LOVE THEM.

erik and sarah. aren't they quite the attractive couple?

camille and catherine. such sweeties.

jack and jude.
when i last saw jack, he was a little as jude.
crazy isn't it?
but these two are a sweet as can be also. 

i have known sarah....oh wait. let's rephrase that. sarah has known me since i was, as she has put it before, "tucked safe in side my momma". true story. we go waaaaay back.

and then, about two years ago, i ran into sarah, her husband erik, and their little one (at the time. he's a big boy now) jack, at the beach. i stole jack from them for a little while so they could go on a little beach walk date. and jack and i had a little beach date as well. we played in the sand. ;)

so yesterday-my mom, my grandparents and my self went up to Estes Park Colorado (fantastic little town. I WANT TO GO BACK. i already have a favorite store there.) to Ravencrest to see them. let's say that it was too short of a visit. well for me that is. i got to see my beach buddy jack who has turned in to a big boy, and meet his sweet older sisters, catherine and camille, and then meet the new little one, jude.

i cannot say enough about the snyder family. they are awesome!!! erik and sarah love jesus and they raise their kids in such a godly home. and their children are so well behaved and fun and hilarious!!!

i so enjoyed the short time we got to be with them. i'm not gonna lie either- as we were pulling away and jack blew me a kiss, i got a little teary eyed. :)

synder fam- love ya'll! thank you so much for your hospitality. i hope we can do this again. :)

and yes, sarah, i borrowed some pictures from your blog. i hope you don't mind. :)


Erik and Sarah said...

We equally LOVED our visit with you... and yes, we agree it was WAY too short. I for one miss you already, and I think Jack's tears as y'all left said it all. Thank you for jumping in and loving on all of us like you did.
Got to run, breakfast to make! LOVE YOU! Sarah and the fam

CaseyWiegand said...

just wanted to say hello friend!! xoxoxo