Friday, July 13, 2012

free stuff is good. and free.

So it's been a few...

anyways. i got some free stuff last week to review. here's me discovering what i got. so interesting, right? SO INTERESTING. but hey, free is good. especially when it's theses lovely things in the video. i'll be doing a follow up video over the weekend hopefully to talk about how lovely these free thing were. :)

also, i have been doing more with youtube then i have with this blog. sorry bout that. making youtube videos is something i have wanted to do for a very long time (hence this post from like two years ago.)

so i was thinking i could make a deal with all of you followers here. so as not to completely abandon this blog and all of you, how bout i start posting my videos here after they are uploaded to youtube? and then give a little more commentary?

how does that sound?

so you think can handle the bout of weirdness you will see from me in person? well, either way. you're going to have to. because it's happening. :)


Erik and Sarah said...

about your deal... DEAL!
hugs from CO

Caroline Gant said...