Thursday, June 20, 2013

crank it like a chainsaw // FLOW 2013 (picture overload)

well, it seems that i have not blogged in over a month. sorry ya'll.

but it has been a crazy/awesome/beautiful past week. if you remember this time (sort of) last year, i went on a youth retreat with my church, called the FLOW. well i had the opportunity to go again last week! this was the sixth year that i went and the second year as a leader. it was amazing!

God was working through the youth and the leaders and it was so awesome to watch!

we also learned a new dance to wake us up in the mornings.

i also got to reconnect with some old friends, who are also blogger friends, that came as well. what was very cool about this reconnection is the fact that i have known these two for a good majority of my life! becca and ilene, ya'll were a huge encouragement to me! 
(check out their camp recaps here and here)

also, we went to a different  place than last year: white water express in ducktown, tn. this was very i had my first FLOW and it was so great and very nostalgic to be back to the place where my spiritual growth jumpstarted. :)

and now...... a picture overload 
sorry not sorry. :)


SOMEONE (leilani) taking pictures during small group. hahaha

this is my other sister, Ale'. love her!

tyreesh making things complicated. 

two of my favorite boys. :)

love these ladies!

these were the ladies in my small group.
i am so thankful for each one of them! love you girls!

just some of the amazing people that make my life full of happiness. my friends are beautiful!

i love my mexican brother and sister. :)

met this kid last year and he came back. missed him!

our fearless leader, Drew!

jacob, please still love me after pointing this out. :)

this kid, jacob.
he has photo bombing down to a science.
i found his photo-bombing to be so glorious. 
it is literally the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.

haha love you jacob!

any way, last week was a much needed time of Jesus and fellowship and my heart is happy.


Alexandra Smith said...

love you!

Caroline Gant said...

i love you Ale'!

AbbyGirl said...

Love your post! Makes me miss flow!!