Monday, February 7, 2011

i felt like a mom. just what i want to be.

tonight was an eventful evening.

a fun evening.

i was babysitting with some kids who are a real joy to babysit.
that's hard to get sometimes when babysitting.
alot of girls just do it because they need money,
even if its for an unpleasant family as a whole
or just an unpleasant child.
that would not be pleasant. at all.
i, on the other hand, am very lucky to be babysitting for some great families who, in turn, have great kids.

well, things were going smoothly.
i was playing doggie with two children.
one little girl was wondering around the living room playing with toys and another was in a little girls room playing in the play kitchen.
a baby was sitting, watching everything that was going on in her house, very relaxed.
while playing doggie, i would go check on whoever was playing in the kid's room, just to be sure no one was choking, bleeding, or crying for that matter.

as the night wore on, two little girls would ask for "mommy or daddy". i would inform them that they (mommy and daddy) were learning about Jesus (code for "at bible study") and would be back shortly. one little girl in particular was apparently exhausted,
because that excuse (which was legit)
for why mommy and daddy weren't there,
was not assuring her of anything.

the poor punkin was tired and wanted her parents. she got her self all worked up, crying and screaming, until she threw up. i promise, i tried to calm her down, but it was too late.

now i will let you in on a secret. i have never, in the six years that i have been babysitting (making me a trained pro....not. i am still learning.) not once, dealt with a child's puke.

i had always dreaded the day when, having been married with children, my child would be sick. i especially dreaded the "throw up" sick. i would tell myself that if my child threw up, i would probably, at the very least, get sick to my stomach if not want to throw up my self.

well tonight, IT happened. a child threw up, and i dealt with it. i dealt with it like a mom would. or at least how i would if i were a mom.

and i felt fine. i felt accomplished.

i felt like a mom. just what i want to be. one day. in the future. score. :)

anyone have any fun babysitting stories?


Alyse Bingham said...

I remember a few years ago, me and my sister were home sick from church. I almost *never* puke when I'm sick, but she almost *always* does.
That particular morning, she didn't make it to the bathroom in time, and guess who cleaned it up?

SweetCaroline said...

oh fun.....not ;)