Saturday, February 5, 2011

It would be most inconvenient since I have sworn to loathe him for all eternity.

Hi friends!

sorry for the lack of updates. things just get in the way sometimes. things like holidays (notice when my last post was), church, youth group, school......important things.

anyways, i have been lazy today. my mom and i have watched sappy romance movies all day.

WELL....technically only two and they weren't sappy.
actually, if you want to get really technical about it,
we watched one movie all day.

Pride and Prejudice!

(we decided to watch the long 6 or 8 hour one from A&E and then the shorter one with Kiera Knightley and a very attractive Mr. Darcy)

i swear.
Pride and Prejudice is one of my absolute favorite movies and will be one that my future husband will have to endure over and over again........bwhahaha!

so in honor of Pride and Prjudice and you lovely people out there who love that movie just as much as i do, i have changed the title of my blog to a quote from the movie.

can you guess who said the title of my blog, the quote under the title, and my blog post name? (hint: they are from the shorter version of pride and prejudice with the very attractive Mr. Darcy)


Alyse Bingham said...

That's not Mrs. Bennett, is it? XD

Michayla said...

The one about the vegetable is their cousin Mr. Collins. & I think ir was Mrs. Bennett that said everyone behave naturally.

SweetCaroline said...

Michayla!! you are right about those two but who said the quote that is my blog title?

Briley said...

Elizabeth says it to her friend Charlotte after Mr. Darcy has asked her to dance at Mr. Bingley's ball :)

Briley said...

its just about my favorite quote from the movie (:

SweetCaroline said...

awesome job girls!! your prizes are....the pride of a job well done ;)

Briley said...

:( darn, I wanted a unicorn :( lol just kidding :)

SweetCaroline said...

sorrry....i'm in short supply of unicorns

Briley said...

I guess I can forgive you