Monday, July 11, 2011

soon to be in a asian land.....

yes it has been a while friends. i have missed you.

but guess what....

i'm leaving wednesday FOR 20 DAYS. what is this???? i know crazy, huh?

that's right, i leave for china this week. and i am no where near being ready, (in the sense that i haven't begun to pack yet.) but i am working on some stuff. for china, i promise. just taking a break to update my blog people. :)

some prayer requests:

~please pray for the 500 CHILDREN that we will be teaching while we are there.

~pray that God does awesome things in their lives through what we are able to do.

~pray for our team's health and safety.

~pray for any anxiousness and/or nervousness to go away.

~i have never been away from home for so long, without my mom, let alone out of the country, pray that it doesn't bother me and that i don't get too home sick.

someone from the team will be sending out updates via email, i believe, so if there is anyone who wants to know whats going on while we are in china, you can sign up here:

on another note........

remember that beautiful piece of technology i was suppose to receive a couple weeks ago? well that still hasn't happened. no money you ask? no no, i have the money. i just apparently had a limit on my plastic that i didn't know about. i'm thinking that's because i was still a minor when i got my plastic.

so yeah.....reordered again friday, and so i should receive my computer while in in china.

awesome. *thumbs up*

so until the beginning of august, "so long, farewell, good-bye-in-german-that-i-can't-spell....."

have a happy summer ya'll. :)

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