Monday, June 20, 2011

a step up in the technology world

see this little white beauty?

well in about a week,

i will be the proud new owner of this piece of beautifull-ness........

yes friends, i have made a step up in technology world. but only simply because i am now going to be a college student. good reason to breakdown and get one, right?

but i am so excited. now i can judge which is better, PC or MAC.

PC has been good to me all these years, but now i'm moving on. in about a week or so.

dude. i am so stinkin excited.


on another note, i leave for china in three weeks!!! i still have alot that i need to do. phooey. but man, am i excited about what God's gonna do through us there!

stay this freakishly hot weather...hahahahhahahahaha


oh oh oh. and my truck is now working again. thank you Klausman.

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