Saturday, June 18, 2011

awww maaaaaaaan

notice that this is NOT MY CAR. nor is that ME sticking my head out.

my truck over heated tonight. this is the second time in two days. first time was on wednesday, and i secretly freaked out in my head. my mechanic friend came to the rescue and showed me what to do if it happens again and shared that it probably would happen again given the fact that there is possibly a leak in my water tank.

well friends, there must be a leak. i noticed a huge water spot where i was parked in a friends drive way. and since i over heated again, something is wrong.

thankfully some sweet, sweet, friends came out and helped me, but seeing as that my truck wouldn't really cool down too much, my automobile is now parked at their house until morning.

please pray that my truck can be work-able again, i really need this vehicle.

night night!

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