Thursday, June 16, 2011

oh oh!! one more please?

on awkward and awesome thursday, can i add one more awkward moment?

well i'm going to anyways....:P

so i was coming from a babysitting job, going to make a run into the dollar tree for something. i pull into the walmart parking lot, minding my own business. as i park in my parking spot, i notice tow dudes from far away. (and no, i was not being a stalker of cute guys, i just happened to notice this)

almost directly across from me, a couple parking rows away, these two dudes are throwing punches. well for a split second, it appeared as if it was just two dudes wrassleing (yes i just used the term from the Beverly hillbillies).

but boy was i wrong. they weren't just wrassleing, they were pounding each other. like a legit fight. this went on till one pinned the other on the ground and was pounding, almost like there was no tomorrow.

this was all in about three to five minutes. i was sitting there, so confused at what i was seeing.

now i know what you're thinking. "why didn't you call the police?" or "why didn't you get help?"

i did try to get help. but it was one of those moments where i was so astonished at what i saw, i wasn't sure how i should react. at our walmart parking lot, i would expect stuff to happen there. AT NIGHT. not in broad day light.

well, i went into the store and asked if there was security near by. they said that they usually just call the police. but the guy i talked to wanted to know where they were.

so as i headed, i asked the guy "if they are still there, should i just call 911?" and he says "yes." and gave me the impression that these kind of things happen all the time in the walmart parking lot.

yes i feel dumb for not having a faster reaction to what happened. if it was something i saw more then maybe that instinct to call the police would come faster. but i hope that i don't see that again in a LONG time.

don't judge me. :P

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