Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the awkward moment when.....

ahh. finished with finals. it's a sweet sweet feeling. VICTORY IS MINE. now i just have to wait for grades. yucko.

and now we are now back on the right path.

....when you are walking down the steps of the library, and you almost miss a step, and instead practically fly off the steps. shockingly, while i thought i was going to die, i managed to land on my feet and play it cool...kinda.

....when a student hands you something while yawning and talking. AT THE SAME TIME. sorry sir, i don't know what you said. you overestimate my interpretation skills.

...when someone walks into the bathroom and let's out a big SIIIGGGH. hahaha. pretty relieved to have made it to the bathroom, are we now?

....when CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON is actually almost as good as people have made it out to be. it really is. but it is equally as strange. not gonna lie.

....when you're being a studious student, and studying in the library and you movie your foot on the wood chair in a way that makes it sound like you LET ONE RIP, ifyouknowwhatimean *wink wink wink*. and it's awkward enough that it was my foot moving on wood. THAT IS ALL.oh and it happened more then once. but it's not like i would let one rip in the library. GOSH DANG IT.

....when one of your friends have reached a point or delerium were they start smelling their own shoes and feet. BUT it was 11:30 at night, soooooooo......

....when some dude walks by with a look of constipation on his face. it was weird. i mean seriously. THE BOY LOOKED CONSTIPATED.

....when some who is waiting for their print job, and when told to cross his fingers, LITERALLY CROSSES HIS FINGERS. wow.

...when you have a massive brain explosion (not just a brain fart, but a BRAIN EXPLOSION; much worse then a brain fart, let me tell you) and you can't remember how many nickel are ina dollar. the even more awkward thing about it is the fact that i had to ask my boss for help. she probably thought i was crazy. *sigh* thankfully i'm finished with school for at least a month right? RIGHT?

....when you get an email about new documentaries and get super excited. "oh oh! there's one about facebook! weeeee!


Chelsea said...

This post is so funny, I definitely needed it.
So glad you found my blog so I could find yours! You aren't terribly far from me. Lucky though, to be done with finals.. I have them this coming week.

Lydia @ See Beautiful said...

Popping in from FTLOB. Congrats on being finished with finals. I can feel the happy in your post!

Happy seeing beautiful!

RaeBeth said...

This post is entertaining. I couldn't stop laughing. Makes me want to start a little something like this on my blog. I have wayyy too many of these kind of moments. hahaha

I just wanted to say that I loved your blog so much, I just had to follow.