Wednesday, December 7, 2011

letters to my classes: art history

hello my dear has been awhile, no?

well as i stated in my last post, i have been MIA simply because of stupid finals. annnd...not many awkward moments have happened because of that. although finals are pretty awkward themselves, eh?

anyways, i thought it would be fun to do a couple posts to these particular subjects that i have been taking, just to explain how i feel. this will call for a few posts today to make up for lack of post-ege, if you will.

who's excited??? ME. first letter is toooo.....ART HISTORY. the worst subject known to man.

(note: now if you like art or majored in this when you were in college,

please don't take offense. i really DID NOT enjoy this class AT ALL. )

back story:

when i first applied for college (UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA-BEAUFORT) i applied for studio art, because i was hoping they had something in photography (something which i loved at the time and still enjoy now), like most of the colleges i had looked at. well, i finished the app, ready to turn it in, and there was something called, the dreaded "application fee". it was at least 50 bucks. crazy right? yes. so i had to request a fee waiver.
anyways, i went and visited again, just to tour the school and on this particular day they were offering to scratch the application fee if you applied then. so i did.

when i got to the end of orientation a few months later, i was given my class schedule. it had all the classes a freshman studio art major would take, including ART HISTORY. i explained about the whole app thing, and so we ended up picking and choosing some freshman courses. being the DUMB DUMB that i am, i saw the art history course and thought to myself "oh hey, ill leave that one on there. it looks interesting." IT ISN'T. no one bit interesting.

and so this leads me to the letter i wrote on facebook the weekend before my exam.

dear art history,

before i get back to studying, i wanted to let you know something. YOU HATE ME. and i hate you. but you're not making this easy. you make me cry (literally) and think that i will fail (which is a possibility). so, if i do have to take you again, please try as hard as you can and not cause me so much grief. i thought we could be friends, but from the looks of it, that's NEVER GONNA HAPPEN.

i hope i never see you again


you're unsatisfied participant.

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