Monday, February 6, 2012

2/3/12-2/4/12: hands, a stranger.....

(or in this case, fists)
these are hands of a girl who loves to use them to hold babies.
who does homework. who plays guitar.
who gets to see JOSH TURNER in april.

i did more then one because this topic made me think of china. these kids, while i did get to know them, were strangers to me. i really don't know anything about them. language barriers stink in cases like this. but i can be happy with the fact that God knows who each of these rambunctious, funny, sweet boys.
HE knows their stories, even how many hairs are on their head. HE knows if they made a decision to follow Jesus.

and i can live with God knowing the things that i don't.

i'm working on catching up on the blog project. aren't ya'll proud?

you should be.

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