Saturday, April 28, 2012

the exam that was a bunch of poop..

*queue Queen's "we are the champions"*

I DID IT! I SURVIVED MY FIRST YEAR OF COLLEGE! almost completely unscathed.

as 2:30 Thursday afternoon, i took my last final.
i am so relieved. it's ridiculous. i could scream. *screams*

it's very possible i was doing this dance yesterday as well.....

the thing i want to talk about here an exam that was a bunch of poop.

it all started Tuesday afternoon when i met up with a few classmates to study for the exam we all had the next day.

before i go on, i would first like to say that i know what your thinking. 'Caroline, why would you wait to study for an exam the day before?' well, i can explain. it's all these other school things that i had to do!! i had a paper that i was, honest to goodness, working on alllllllll freaking weekend. this paper gave me so much grief....and that is why i waited to study for said exam.

anyway. i was with a few classmates studying for this exam. our teacher had set up a study session with a tutor from two till about four. we were all there. we went through the study guide given to us. after the session, we stayed in the room for another FOUR HOURS STUDYING before we took a dinner break.

add it up so far. how many hours have we spent studying?

that's right.....SIX. six flipping hours.

we took a much needed dinner break.

once we were finished we did another hour or two of studying. and then took a break from THAT particular exam to study for other things. then of course we came back to THE EXAM.
isn't my facial expression awesome. it's so awesome, i want to throw up.

but by that time (11 pm) the library was closing. oh did i forget to mention we were in the library? sorry. WE WERE IN THE LIBRARY.

so lets do more math. how many hours did we devote to one subject by this time?

at least a total of nine hours by this point. NINE.

so as the library closed, we then headed to one of the dorm rooms occupied by one the my friends/classmates. and then continued to study. UNTIL 1 AM. by that time we had lost it. actually, some of us had already begun to loose it, thanks to caffeine, but you know how it students and caffeine........ more math session. nine hours + two more= 11 HOURS.

yes. 11 hours in one day of studying for one subject.

and then we actually studied for at least another 2 hours the day at least 13 hours of studying.

but here is the BEST part of the story.

we are getting confident that we can do well on this exam.

we sat down and my professor passed out the exams. the first part of the exam was a breeze. i was thinking "heck yes! we got this."

oh was i so wrong. as i got further into the exam, i was so so wrong. 

half of the stuff that was on the exam, the stuff we knew REALLY WELL, and had talked about a million times in class, WAS NOT ON THE EXAM.

i'm sorry, but i was ticked. we all were. 

i sincerely hope that she will keep in mind how hard we worked for this exam....... because at this point i don't think any of us did well on that darn thing. 

that exam was a bunch of poop.

but i have to say, while i dislike finals with the passion of a thousand burning suns, the time we spent studying was fun. so at least SOMETHING good came from it, no?


Jennifer said...

Oh make me laugh. I can just see you cramming your pretty head full of facts... :)

Kristie Schubert said...

What was your grade on the exam?

Kristie Schubert