Monday, April 23, 2012

finals causes derp faces.

it has been almost a month since i last posted. my bad. school takes over practically everything and then before you know it . . . TIME FOR FINAL EXAMS. it sneaks up and almost bites you (or me in this case) in the bum.

well.......i have something i am excited to post about, and m calling in one of the highlights of my school year. more on that later. hopefully i'll be able to put it up later today or maybe even tomorrow. but then again don't count on that. more then likely, with all my finals this week, it won't come till the weekend. boo.

but just for the record, i have  HAVE NOT dropped off the face of the planet. i'm here. no worries.

until, go wonder on over here.

and heck, i'll even leave you with a derp face or two to hold you over. enjoy it.

does anyone else find this new blogger layout awkward? or is it just me? not a fan. yet.

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