Monday, November 26, 2012

being an English Major has it's perks.

in what other field of study can you end every sentence with "metaphorically"?

me: "i thought i was stepping on your foot."
fellow english major friend Adam: "maybe you were metaphorically."

and thus sparks the conversation of metaphorically stepping on one's foot


Nicole Shea said...

Another perk is never being wrong when explaining what a passage means to you...oh how I miss my discussion classes!!!

Caroline Gant said...

so true! i love discussions. i think that's mainly why i decided to major in English. i also love those moments when you see something "symbolically" or "metaphorically", don't say anything because you think it's dumb, and then another classmate speaks out on the same thing! i get happy when i know i'm not the only one who notices something. :)

Alyse Bingham said...

Haha, told you it was awesome!

I nominated you for the Liebster Award!

Keep up the awesome blogging! :)