Monday, January 23, 2017

|| what i'm currently listening to. ||

music is one of my favorite things. 
ask anyone who knows me well, and they will tell you that music is my jam. 

get it?

*insert finger guns here*

since i love music so much, i want to share with you all what has been on repeat for the last month . this has been my go to playlist of songs to listen to at six am while i am getting to work and setting things up for the day. they are great for getting into the mood of "yes, today will be good. i will do the things, i will serve the coffee. and i'll do it with a spring in my step."

ok, maybe thats too enthusiastic for six am, but whatever. no particular order:

1. "24k Magic"- Bruno Mars
this ENTIRE album is incredible. i was a tiny bruno fan when "just the way you are" came out because, well let's face it, that song is cute, sweet, and what every girl wants to hear. but then he dropped off my radar for a while (unless one of his hits came on the radio) and theeeeeeeeennnnnnn 24K MAGIC APPEARED as the first single off his newest album. i was intrigued instantly, and then when the album came out, i got it. OHMYLANTA YA'LL. it is such a fun album. it's the 70's groove, with a top 40s twist. straight fire. i kid you not, i listened to that album for a straight month- this was sue to the fact that there is no aux chord in my car and also the album is THAT GOOD.

2. "Yeah Boy"- Kelsea Ballerini
this is a "country" jam. i sue the quotations because, like much of today's country music isn't what it used to be. at least, so i've been told. i didn't really start listening to country music (i actually used to hate it witha fiery passion) till i was a senior in highschool.
don't get me wrong, i love to listen to this country music. this particular jam has a nice beat, nice sound, and pleasing to the ear.

3. "Body Moves", 4. "Toothbrush", 5. "Good Day",  6. "Pay My Rent"- DNCE
so, time for some honesty. the main reason i listen to DNCE is because of Joe Jonas. he was and still is my favorite jonas brother. after having been teased back in 2012 about the return of the jonas brothers, i've been lowkey bitter about no new music from anyone in that family at that moment. then i heard this band was forming, i heard that Joe was in this band, and i heard that the jonas brother's former drummer, jack lawless, i was COMPLETELY on board. granted i don't think dnce's music is as tasteful as the glory days of the jonas brothers, i'll still take it and i'll dance with it til it dies.

7. "Mercy"- Duffy
i'm bringing this one back from the back of the closet. i listened to this song again recently and i can't begin to explain to you why i like it, but i do. i definately cannot relate to the subject matter (at least i hope not) but i really dig duffy's vocal range here. it's a good song to belt out.

8. "Caroline"- Anime'
can you guess why i like this song? i have yet to find a song called "caroline", that i don't like. maybe its a cocky thing, but you have to admit, most of the time, songs that feature you're name make you feel real special.

9."That's My Girl"- Fifth Harmony
i'm not the biggest fan of this group. i can't explain why i've never been a fan, but i'm just not. HOWEVER they have been able to pump out a few banging hits. this one is no different. it's got a jammin beat, and it talks about (however correct me if i'm wrong) supporting and praising the best pals in your life and i really dig that.

10. "Call On Me" -Starley (Ryan Riback Remix) 
(specifically this remix)
Its a tights song about being supportive, and it has a tight beat. therefore, it's tight. and also i came across this from soneone i follow on snapchat.

11. "My Prerogative"- Bobby Brown
really, the only reason i found this song is because it was sung on glee and i'm currently watching it two years two late. but, it's tight.

12. "Like a Virgin."- Madonna
80's music is the best kind of music. always. and also, this too was sung on glee. i'm a sad individual.

13. "Too Good"- Drake ft. Rhianna
for some reason, drake has been a jam lately. he's got good, danceable rhythms (yes, even for the ones wo can't dance, but try ever so hard to do so aka me). add rhianna in there, and it's good to go. just run with it. or dance. i don't know you.

14. "I'm Alive"- Celine Dion
as you can see, a pattern is forming with jams that have good beats. i'm a sucker for a good beat, whether electronically or acoustically. pump out a good beat and my head will bop and next thing you know, out pops the whitest white girl you've ever seen. this song is no exception.

15. "Seein Red"- Dustin Lynch
just ask my roomate (who feels the same), this song gives me feels man. all of the feels and dance moves. all over everything.

16. "Stars in Your Heart"- Bonnie Mckee
this is just a sweet simple song about love. at least that's my interpretation. but it's just good. even when you are losing the ability to properly describe feelings towards something, as i currently am, it's still real good.

17. "Miss You"- Gabrielle Aplin
IT'S ABOUT MISSING SOMEONE which i've related to a lot recently and so i think that's why i'm crazy about this song.

and finally last but not least because if you remember these were in no particular order......

18. "Make You Mine"- High Valley
SECOND FAVORITE PROBABLY BECAUSE UUUUUGGGGHHHH. my roommate showed me this song a couple days ago and it's SO GOOD. it's not a typical country song. it's got a folky feel and it makes you tap your feet. not to mention the line "soul miner's daughter." in context, UGGGGGHHHH its the best.

and, like all good things, this post must come to an end.
what are you listening to currently? i'd love to know!

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