Monday, January 30, 2017

|| the best of awkwardly caroline ('09-'14) ||

for some reason, i decided to go through my blog and look through my posts for the last 8 years. it was crazy seeing how my ability to write has grown along with my creativity. i also thought this would be a good way for all of my readers (new and old) to get to know me as a blogger/writer/author.

so, with that being said, and in no particular order (because i love them all), here is "the best of awkwardly caroline" (or if you were here in the very beginning, a gracious demeanor/ everybody behave naturally).

first, and most important, here is everything i've written that's been awkward. clearly that's why we are all here. it's clearly why i write.

next, we have the exam that was a bunch of poop. here i tell you about the most frustrating test i have ever experienced in my college career.

then, we have a very serious post referring to God's love and how His love is the most important love. for sometime frame- this was written about 6 months to a year before same sex marriage was legalized and everyone was in an uproar over something regarding all of that (this is not to sound insensitive, i just don't remember the reason why all this stuff was going on).

then, we have that split moment in college where i thought about becoming a midwife. oh silly 20 year old Caroline. yes, while being a midwife would still be incredible, you do not need to do that. you would have to go through nursing school, and we all know you would fail it. it's just not a good idea. just stick to what you know- writing.

then, we have one of the longest posts i've ever written. gosh, i just went back and read through this post and i remember so clearly all of it. i'm so thankful that God laid it on my heart to continue in the ministry direction.

next, and this one still kills me (but i could probably make it actually work now that i have more cooking experience), there is that one time that pinterest actually failed me. shocker, i know. i wasn't ready for it either. maybe i should redo this one as a follow up and see if it still breaks.

then, let's remember that time i gave some helpful information to the gentlemen out there on taking their lady out to dinner. i still stand firmly but this, and if my standards for men in my age group are still to high, then maybe those men should get their acts together. there is no reason why this should still be happening, and if it is, fix and eat your food at home. you can have a perfectly good date night at home while not ripping anyone off in the process. #sayitlouderforthepeopleintheback

but i digress.

back to the actual content of this post.

here we present the comical little post about the importance of pens. i remember finding a small blurb about this online, and i took it, gave credit to the source, and ran with it, because sometimes i think i'm hilarious.

and finally, since next week is the super bowl and the end of football season (can i get an amen? no one interesting is playing and i'm sorry, i'm tired of football. i'm ready for baseball) is near. i give you, what i normally do instead of watch the super bowl; college student addition. i'll try to a follow up with a barista or working girl addition for next week and then we cam play compare and contrast.

i don't know about you, but as i said in the beginning, i'm very proud of these posts. i hope you too enjoy them. let me know which one is your favorite!

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