Monday, February 3, 2014

what i did instead of watching the superbowl.

while everyone else was watching the superbowl, i was busy doing other things.

i was busy having a dance party,

i was busy eating,

i was busy being studious,

i was busy falling asleep while being studious,

i was busy laughing,

but in all seriousness, i really did not watch the superbowl. 
i have no feelings towards football. i have no knowledge about football. 
anytime i have watched it, i have stood when everyone else stood because i did not want anyone's booty in my face, 
i clapped when everyone else clapped because clapping is fun and i like to clap.
the only thing i can actually understand is when there is someone running with the ball towards the goal.

then, and only then do i get it. 

that guy is about to make a touchdown.

otherwise, you get the joy of me making remarks such as 
"way to sport. those boys know how to football real good."

i can hear the nauseated groans of football fans everywhere.

and yes.
 i know.
 i made a similar joke already on facebook.


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

though i am a huge football fan, these gifs are epic - esp any GIF that includes emma stone. love her!

Caroline Gant said...

haha i know right? i wanted something to describe the whole food thing. this easy a gif was perfect. her facial expression sums it up!

Dawn said...

Oh my gosh. The "booty in my face" and the "I like to clap" comments nearly caused me to pull a stomach muscle.
Nicely done. I learned about football when I was dating my hunky husband and 6 sons later I'm very glad I did!!

Caroline Gant said...

hahaha i'm glad i could make you laugh!