Tuesday, February 4, 2014

in which i talk about shaving. boys, you may not want to read this.

i'm gonna talk about it: shaving.

i'm not gonna lie, i really hate shaving, which is funny because i can remember the day that i asked my mom if i could start shaving. then i wanted to, now i hate it. i hate it so much that i have found the lazy way to shave: nair. nair is my best friend and it works pretty dang good too.

most of the time.....then those are those few times that i just for some reason don't leave it on long enough for it to do anything. basically leaves me saying "good job Caroline. way to burn your skin!" in all the sarcasm that i can muster.

then recently, i was given the opportunity to try a new razor before it hit the shelves; the Gillette Venus sensitive skin razor.

oh my lanta. this thing is glorious. and it's for sensitive skin! that was another reason i didn't use real razors. i found that Nair didn't irritate my skin but other razors would. this cute gillette one doesn't! and it's got a really easy-to-grip handle. and it glides very smoothly on my skin. AND it came with a wall hanger to put in your shower, making it easy to get to.

not gonna lie. that last part made me super excited. 

anyway, ladies, if you're prone to sensitive skin or just hate shaving in general (it's ok. be honest. this is a no judgement zone.) or you're like me and you find the shower-wall hanger exciting, this is the razor for you. 

combine it with the lovely Eos Lavender Jasmine shaving cream and it's a party for your legs and pits. 

this was a sponsored post.
 influenster.com gave me this opportunity to try out the new razor by sending it to me for free! 
all opinions expressed are my own. 
it's worth it. 
it really is.

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