Saturday, February 1, 2014

i identify with fictional characters.

have you ever read a book or watched a tv show and just seen a particular person (s) and been like "they get it. they get me. they are me. i am them." yes, there is lack of grammar skills there, chill out.

i have come across a few characters lately that i totally identify with.

my name is caroline and i identify with fictional characters.

without further ado, ladies and gentlemen:
 Kenneth Parcell 

he understands what it's like to be jacked up on caffeine, and describes it perfectly. 

i know i've felt this way before.

when he get's excited about something, he get's really excited,

i get excited, but not normally this excited. it all depends on the sitch.
he understands my horror of certain "children's" shows

he understands my love of everybody and television,

he can be really random......exhibit A,

he understand the art of awkward.....and making the awkward even more awkward,
because we all know that saying something is awkward makes it that much more awkward.

and then there is Liz Lemon.

she get's the accomplishment of not being over emotional all the time,

she understands having a love of cheese, 

she get's confused so very easily,

she sometimes has an emotional breakdown from being overly exhausted,

she understands the importance of rewarding yourself,

she understands fashion,

she understands for having a general love of food,

and she knows the accomplishment of talking to a cute guy without being 100% stupid,

and then last but never least, there's Jessica Day.

she's really bad at making decisions,

she sings a lot,

she's clumsy,

she tries to relate to everyone,

she knows her fate and is cool with it, 

she likes being herself,

and she knows the importance of a good dance party.

all in all, these three characters are awkward. and if you have been around here long enough, you know i really like awkward. so these characters get me.

what fictional character (tv, book, or movie, i'm not picky) do you identify with? 

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