Monday, February 10, 2014

the grammy's salute to the beatles.

 normally, as much i would love to watch things like this, i don't because i don't have the means to do so.
i don't have access to television, haven't for a while. so let me say that i am thankful for a best friend who let's me come to her house all the time, because in doing so, i got to see most of this program. 

and let me tell you. i had a party. 

it was just the best to see ringo starr and paul mccartney in the same room fifty years after the first time the beloved british boy band (try saying that one five times fast) appeared in America. 

in my head i'm thinking 
"oh this is so great. this is so great seeing these old chums back together with their families." 
and i'm thinking this in an English accent.

i know. 
it's weird.
but i'm weird, and i'm pretty sure everyone here knows that and have come to terms with the fact that it's a normal thing.

i really don't know how to continue this post in a logical and understandable fashion. i just have a lot of feels about it. 
let's also keep in mind that there were still pieces i missed of this program, so really i'm just talking about what i saw, what i liked the best, and what i don't understand.

first off, i saw one of my favorite bands, Maroon 5, singing a Beatles song i did not recognize, but i didn't care. actually this is when we walked in to see this program had started. my exact words were "oh look! the beatles! no wait. adam levine!"
i'm kinda dumb. ha.

next, stevie wonder performed "we can work it out" with his sassy little twist that he gives everything. and i loved it.

danny harrison, son of george harrison, appeared next with a band i did not recognize, and yet another beatles song i did not know, but that's ok because i got chill bumps seeing the son of a beatle singing a song his dad helped make popular.

the next people i saw where these two gents. both decent guitar players (i'm one to talk. they can play light years around me.), but i was very confused about John Mayor's pant selection. he had some sort of hangy-down thing that was like a butt flap. i came to the conclusion that it was a pocket for his ipad or laptop. 


katy perry was next (or she was right before, i don't actually remember), and sang a beautiful rendition of "yesterday." i was was also lead to confusion by her outfit choice, but now that i have thought about it, she was probably trying to channel her inner sixties self.

then ed sheeran came on the screen. 
let me tell you....his performance was awesome.
just the best.
i have no idea what he sang. 
but it was nice.

then last and never least, the finale.
ringo starr and paul mccartney together again singing the songs that made them famous.
needless to say i was mentally freaking out. 
it was a party.

during the entire program, the camera hits a number of people in the front row. recognize any of these faces?

my favorite part of the evening (besides ringo and paul's performance):
tom hanks and rita wilson. the camera panned on then every so often and they were just having the best. time. ever. 
and it was the cutest thing.
 i love them.

can just say, too that, johnny depp's segway into the next act during the program, was rather awkward? or was that just me?

and even though no one is thrilled with her, seeing yoko ono and her and john's son (who looked just like lennon) at the performance was interesting to me as well. 

yoko had some moves. it was weird. 
but whatever.

overall it was wonderful to see the grammy's salute to the beatles.
like i said, it was a party.


Kate Brown said...

I finally got around to watching this at the end of last week, and I actually weeped when John and Ringo sang Hey Jude. My roommate thought someone had died.

Caroline Gant said...

oh wow. i literally felt shivers and shakes. and i'm not a legit beatles fan. i'm becoming legit tho. my friend has ever album so she let me borrow them. i'm dying.