Tuesday, November 8, 2011

why pens are so important...

i saw this on facebook but i'm going to elaborate a smidgen.....


in life, a simple pen makes ALL the difference, especially when your a student. if you loose your pen then...well, you have no pen. that's obvious. for a student, THIS IS BAD. VERY BAD. if you have no pen, you have nothing to take notes with, because of course, we college students no longer resort to mere pencils.
without the ability to take notes, you will have nothing to study when quiz or exam time comes around. once again, VERY BAD. so with nothing to study, you inevitably fail, unless you were blessed with a photographic mind. if you're one of THOSE people, then this isn't for you.

let's recap: lost pen. no pen. can't take notes for lack of pen, therefore you fail your classes.

for us with no photographic mind WHATSOEVER, we fail with out a pen, meaning, there is no diploma for the future. if you have no diploma, there is a VERY HIGH chance that you will not be able to get a job. no work means no money. THAT'S ALSO VERY BAD.

if you have no money, you will have no food. and with your lack of food, you will be super hungry and get super skinny. and being super skinny will make you ugly. JUST SAYIN.

being ugly (according to the crap world that we live in) means you will not find a lover. that stinks, doesn't it? if you have no lover who then will you marry? NO ONE. this also means that you will never produce offspring. and if you have no children, you're left alone. being alone all the time is a cause of depression.

because of this depression that your doctor will diagnose you with, you will not take very good care of yourself, leaving you prone to illness. you'll get sick, then die.

so what is the moral of this story? if you loose your pen, you'll die.


hold on to your pens. they just might save your life.


Putdar said...

Hahahaha! This is so hilarious!
I'll keep my pen. I'll make sure I won't lose it ;p

Debi said...

I'm starting a collection for you here in the library - I'll put them in a jar...under the pumpkin, LOL.

SweetCaroline said...

for the record this is where i got the idea. from a friend's status on facebook:

Lost your pen=no pen
No pen=no notes
Nonotes=no study
No study=Fail
Fail=no diploma
No diploma=no work
no work=no money
no money=no food
no food=you get skinny
you get skinny=then you get ugly
Ugly=no love
no love=no marriage
no marriage=no children
no children= alone

Lesson: Don’t lose your pen, you will die.. :O

sophie said...

can i steal it? sooo funny!

SweetCaroline said...

sophie- since you asked, sure go ahead! just be sure to cite your sources! ;)