Thursday, November 17, 2011

the awkward moment when...

hey ya'll! sorry this is being posted on friday instead of thursday. i had it all ready, but never got the chance to post it.

....when you can tell people recognize you because you work at the library, but don't acknowledge you. this just leaves us with awkward eye contact....MY FAVORITE.

....when the sun is so bright that you can't tell what color the traffic light is. this left me with the decision of "just keep driving and hope for the best." yes i know...that's bad.

....when you over hear a history teacher talking about sometime when everyone was "hooking up and getting pregnant"and my response "......."

....when you are looking outside and you see someone trying to be cool and dribble a basket ball. he then ended up completely dropping the ball entirely. then he proceeded to chase after it. hahahahahahaha ON HIM.

....when you're unraveling headphones and you practically whip your self in the process. may i repeat that, my intelligence never ceases to fail me?

....when someone gets completely irritated because they printed out the wrong thing, and they still have to pay. then when informed this gentleman that even though he messed it up somehow, he still had to pay and then just threw his coins at me.....not really, but he wasn't a happy camper.

....when you're posting a facebook status about said incident and it turns out that you put it as someones wall post instead

....when you think someone is coming to the desk to ask you something but it turns out they just left their water bottle there. and he tried to smoothly pull off the fact that he left something. i guess maybe more awkward for him then me, seeing that i giggled inside.

....when you sneeze and it echos throughout THE ENTIRE LIBRARY. and the silence afterward is haunting.

....when you trip and almost die over the CPU on your computer while trying to check something out to someone.

....when you catch yourself putting a book in the recycle bin. *sigh*

....when your art history teacher tells you about a piece of art and then proceeds to show an animated version of this painting. really??? REALLY. watching an animated version of the piece isn't going to change my feelings about it. and who in their right mind would even WANT to make an animated version of A PAINTING?

....when your studying in the library and the person behind you sounds like a grizzly bear every five minutes or so because he is stretching.

....when you're class mate is talking, rather loudly in the library about...*cough*...female things.


EvA. . . said...

lol your so funny! glad to meet you, I'm your newest follower! found you over at sincerely kylee :)

SweetCaroline said...

thank you! i'm glad you enjoy it. thanks for following!