Tuesday, November 15, 2011

guest post: drama llama

hi friends. hope your tuesday is going well.....mine has been, well........interesting. but you'll here about that on thursday. :)

anyway, one of my best friends, Alyse (you can check her blog out here)

she begged and begged and begged to do a guest post. (not really. i'm a softy. kinda. besides, i need to put more up here then just once or twice a week.)

she is hilarious. we have such a good time together and so i'm super excited to have her posting on my blog. enjoy!!!


This is a drama llama:

The drama llama was thought to be nearly extinct, but recent events have proven initial theories wrong.

This rare beast is drawn to conversations and interactions in which there is sure to be drama.
When drama erupts, the llama raises its head, enjoying the confusion and turmoil.

However, it usually has a calming, if not absurd effect on those gathered.

The drama llama’s appearance is quite awkward and out of the 1,453,689 times it was tested with live human subjects, only 6 times did it not yield laughter. (For the record, those tests were conducted with the blind – who could not see the drama llama emerging – and the mute – who, well, could not laugh at it. But they sure did make some strange gestures in sign language.)

Where the drama llama originates from is still shrouded in complete mystery.

Researchers never actually released a drama llama into the room along with the participants, but nevertheless, the drama llama did appear. However, when it did appear, the closest participant was suddenly missing an arm. Researchers were horrified (but glad everyone had signed waivers). They discovered, though, that when the drama llama left, the person’s arm was there again.

If anyone has any insight as to how this may have occurred, please contact your local ‘drama queen’ to test your theory before reporting your findings to 1-800-XXX-XXXX. (If you see numbers instead of X’s, you are indeed special skilled enough to call the number you see.)

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