Tuesday, April 4, 2017

get yourself a tribe.

hi friends! fair warning and i'm not sorry for this at all but there is about to be a massive picture explosion. but again. not sorry about it in the slightest.

so, while working on more post and content for this sweet little home i've found here, i want to share about a group that is so close to heart. 

but, group is not the proper word for what i want to talk about.

my people could be described with a number of different words.



yes i just went through an entire list of animal groupings.
ahh yes tribe is the perfect word for what i'm feeling and thinking.


dictionary.com defines this as "a division of some other people", "a company, group, or number of persons", "a class or set of persons, especially one with strong common traits or interests", "a large family" along with a number of other definitions.

this is a proper idea of my people.

ya'll, get yourself a good tribe.

get yourself people who will laugh with you.
and at you.

get yourself people who will encourage you in your walk with Christ.

get yourself people who will adventure with you.

get yourself people who are willing to go through EVERYTHING WITH YOU.

get yourself people who know when to be serious, 
but don't take EVERYTHING seriously.

get yourself who care about you and who you care about in return.

my tribe consists of Abby, Cara, Michayla, and myself. we have all been friend for years, some of us our ENTIRE lives. i am so thankful for my tribe, these beautiful woman. 

we've been through just about everything together; school, puberty, love, heartbreak, weddings (only one so far) and so many things i can't begin to name. these ladies have encouraged me spritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. they have been my rocks. they have supported me, they have called me out when i'm being stupid.

and last but not least, they have dealt with my VERY weird sense of humor.

the four of us recently were able to get together for dinner and it was the most refreshing time of friendship. we don't get together often, but when we do, it is the best time. we had dinner, caught up on each others lives and laughed and that is my favorite kind of girls night out.

ladies, i hope you never doubt how much i love all of you, how thankful i am for you, how i wouldn't be where i am without you. thank you for loving me. thank you for letting me love you.

cheers to the best friends i've ever had.

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Leah said...

I hope to have a tribe as beautiful as yours one day :) hope all is well! I miss your caramel creation!