Thursday, February 23, 2017

i swear i didn't leave.

hi friends. 

i'm so so so so so so so so sorry for the tiny hiatus. 
it was unplanned, minus the fact that for half of it i was out of town. 
if you noticed on instagram, i was in chicago and IT WAS THE BEST. but as soon as i got home, i got sick with something and couldn't really function for most of the week. 

but i'm working on a couple post that should be up thought out the next week or so, specifically one about chicago, so IT'S GONNA BE SHAWEET.

but as for now, i'm working on a presentation/ post for this site and currently donning a black facial mask because "i'm such a basic white girl."

have a lovely day, you lovely people.

i'm hoping this video will load. if it doesn't, then dang.

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