Sunday, October 15, 2017

weirdly long hiatus over and the reason why it happened to begin with.

hi friends.
 here i am for the millionth time writing a post after a long hiatus.
 i can't count how many times i've written one of these, but this time, my reason is an actual legitimate reason.

i didn't have a working computer. 

well also i had problems writing anything because i was working on some posts that require research, but mainly because i didn't have a working computer. 

old faithful just up and quit on me. she got old and couldn't handle what i needed her to do. 
poor girl.

the timing couldn't have been more perfect (sarcasm) considering i had just gotten a new camera (like new as in pretty freaking professional and nice and beautiful and i'm still in shock and awe that i even acquired it - another story for another time), and i couldn't upload my pictures because the old girl would run so slow that i felt like it wasn't necessary to do much other then watch youtube and netflix, til she finally breathed her last. 

granted, that was without much warning.

i know, the slow and incapable nature of her should have been enough of a sign, but i'd rather a noise or something. it's more abrupt and really really obvious. i do fairly well with really really obvious. fairly well being the main idea here. 

so here i was, feeling awkward as i tend to be, all of my resources minus one main one. it was weird editing pictures on my phone, but also really cool to know that's an option- technology has come really far.

then my sweet mom, decided to help me find a good deal on a computer. she found one and was so kind and got it for me- she's a huge supporter of my dreams and i am very thankful for her help.

thanks mom. i love you.

but that particular computer is having an issue. i am trying to get the proper software downloaded on to it, and it's being a giant jerk and not doing that. it requires some help from people who kow more about computers then i so....yeah. working on that.

so i have an inexpensive back up that i'm currently using (a little chromebook, it's rather adorable), just so i can get going (thank you queen d for that suggestion) with some writing and editing pictures and just pursuing some passions. i also went ahead and got it to see if i could figure out the other software issue myself. but it seems i cannot. 

at least i tried.


thank you for being patient, my few loyal readers. 
you really are too kind for that. 
 you are. 

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