Thursday, April 12, 2018

i don't hate this. i love this. #blogideasfrompinterest

i was flipping through blog today and realized that the last time i wrote was in october.

ironically enough it was a post in reference to how my blogging hiatus was over and i was back at it with the word stuff. well here we are in april and i'm just now writing again. 

i promise i don't hate blogging, internet writing, etc. I truly love it.  i started when i was a little baby in 2009 and still trying to pursue it to present day. 

for reference, dis me circa 2009

and dis me circa 2018. thank you bekah heape photography- look her up on instagram.

it does have something thing to with the fact that i have a full-time job. that will do it to anyone unless you're this magical superhuman bean who can take on all of the different multitasking abilities. if you're one of those people, just stop reading now.

the honest truth is that i have truly lacked any kind of writing inspiration. and that just plain sucks.

i'm not kidding, nothing comes to mind to write about. if the time comes that i do think of something to write about, i jot it down on some paper (i'm normally at work when this happens) and then, being the dummy that i am, i end up throwing the paper out and forgetting about the thought completely.

and yes i know i could just jot it down in my notes on my phone, but i forget to do that half the time and paper is usually closer. 

with all of this being said, i'm working on something to fix the "writing inspiration problem". i have decided to use pinterest as my source of inspo, thus creating the series and hashtag #blogideasfrompinterest- translated for those who don't understand the language of the hashtag "blog ideas from pinterest."

what will hopefully happen here is that i will create this hashtag #blogideasfrompinterest because lets be honest, i need help.  i'm using pinterest as my way of finding my inspiration and showing the honesty behind blogging from my perspective. i hopefully will put out two posts in a week as time allows and i would love it if you follow along in the journey of blogging transparency.

so, lets see what happens, bros.
but bear with me please, i'm delicate.

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