Thursday, March 7, 2013

fox alert.

so my school is resourceful, as most schools are.
and like most schools there is an alerts system that sends out weather warnings
and other types of warnings or heads up.

well yesterday we, as a student body, recieved a couple alerts.
one was the normal weather update saying that there were tornado warnings or whatever.

 no big deal.

what was odd (and in my case somewhat hilarious) was the next alert.

yes birt. i stole your picture from facebook.
just think of it as
"for the sake of caroline's blog"..
thanks. :)

instead of shark alert, what we have here is a fox alert. get it? get it?

(corny pun courtesy of our awesome DPS people.for real. they are pretty snazzy.)

1 comment:

TheCrash said...

I saw that. Fell out the chair laughing so hard.