Wednesday, March 20, 2013

so they say.

it's good to do so many things for your blog.

so they say.

i read up recently on a website full of tips for bloggers.

there were things like "don't feel like you have to have a set schedule when blogging." this one i like the most because it allows one to blog when she wants. (or he. i don't know you.)

also it's good to have an "about me" tab, so that when "discovering your blog", a reader can learn about you. or so they say.

this is beginning to sound like a Kurt Vonnegut novel.

this one stuck out to me the most, 1. because if you have been around long enough, you know that i don't have an about me tab. i have been known to post random little things about me, but ya'll don't actually know about me. (unless you have the awkward pleasure of knowing me in. real. life.) and 2. because that's something that i always look for when i am looking for new blogs. i want to know about the writer.

so of course i should exude the same pleasure for others, right? right.

so then i thought, well let's be unique. let's do a vlog instead of typing it all out.

anyways, i say all of that to ask you, my lovely followers and/ or readers to do me a favor and ask m some questions.......WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT MEH?

i feel awfully vulnerable asking that, because i don't think i will have much of a response.


also if you have any tips on what to include in my "about me", that would be helpful. i'm not the best at just filling out "about me" stuff, unless prompted with a particular question. other wise you'll catch me regurgitating something along the lines of.......

and then after that, things just weird and awkward. not that i'm against those too things; after all that's what my life is. but not everyone is as familiar with the weird and the awkward as i.


Jennifer said...

I'm one of those who have the pleasure of knowing you in real life!! but here's some questions:
what is your biggest dream and how are you gonna fulfill it?
what is your dream vacation?
what scares you the most?
what is the biggest decision you've ever made?

love you!! and can't wait for our coffee date!

Caroline Gant said...

thank you!!!!

good questions.

i can't wait either!