Tuesday, September 3, 2013

everything is finer when you live in Carolina.

here's to two posts in one day! this is a rarity on this blog.
 i am participating in BLOGTEMBER and blogging almost everyday this month! 

today's prompt: describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.


i come from a small town. *queue "don't stop believing"*
it's a small little coastal town in south carolina. 

i've lived here my entire life, and i can't think of a better place to grow up (except maybe in the mountains.....but whatever.) i grew up going to the beach frequently, and being home schooled, those days counted as school days (sometimes).

the people here, well, let's say you can tell who has lived here forever and who hasn't. Most everyone is as sweet has can be, and those who have been here for ages just add to the sweetness with their lovely southern accent. 

"ya'll" and the every so subtle insult "well bless your heart" are ust haves in our vocabulary. you know a thing or two about the gullah culture and can tell if a person is a "binyah"or a "comeyah"

i unfortunately don't completely posses that sticky sweet southern accent. but i represent my town all the same.

everyone drinks sweet tea like it's their job, as well as flip flops, and visors among other things.
many people decide that this is a great place to retire. i agree completely with them. if i hadn't grown up here, i'd want to come.

others end up getting stationed here at one of three military bases. #marinetown

fishing and hunting are big hobbies here.

everyone knows about souther hospitality, just not everyone decides to use it.

we are a small enough town that we can justify saying "let's go hang out at walmart" 
and actually mean it.

the closest starbucks is twenty to forty five minutes away (of course this all depends on where you live. sometimes it could even be an hour.), but people will make the trip for some classy chain coffee. #guilty

but these are just a few of the many reasons why i love beaufort.

disclaimer: this is just my view of my sweet town. i realize not everyone agrees. c'est la vie.


Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

one of my favorite people in the world lives in Beaufort, it will go down as my top 10 vacation spots. it's incredibly perfect.

Caroline Gant said...

i love it!