Wednesday, September 11, 2013

if i did a lot of online shopping.....

and here we are on day SEVEN of blogtember.
 and we shall ignore the fact that i haven't blogged in four days.
 (or more, i've lost count. don't judge me.)

today's topic: Share links to your favorite online shops, 
preferably with a few photos of your favorite items in each shop.

and here we go! 

i have a few favorite online shops, most of them being etsy shops, 

this girl is a beauty guru on youtube who has a very eclectic taste in fashion 
and makeup and things in general. 
and i think she's great. 
she has some cute things in this shop including some pins with some of the zany things she says in her videos.

there are necklaces and key chains and i am in love with the "earthiness" of the pieces.

this woman HAND MAKES ALL OF THESE DRESSES and they are just the prettiest dresses i have ever seen. if i had the money, i would stock up on a few vintage-esque dresses.

4. kitsch

this shop has my favorite types of hair ties and
 really pretty jewelry for an unreasonable amount of money.

do you have any favorite online shops?
these are just a few of mine.


Emily Meyers said...

I love Graveyard girl! She's hilarious.haha Loving reading around your blog and getting to know you better!
thanks so much for sponsoring this month Caroline:)


Caroline Gant said...

Hey Emily! thanks for stopping by!

Graveyard girl makes everything better, it seems. :)
thanks for letting me sponsor with you this month! i love your blog!