Tuesday, September 3, 2013

i just can't because of feelings.

i was given the glorious opportunity to have a fro yo date with one of my dear friends this afternoon. as usual, our conversation turned to music (as it almost always does) and we began talking about how our emotions have a lot to do with certain songs.

i have decided, and she agreed, that there are certain songs i just can't listen too. if they pop up on my itunes shuffle, i switch it immediately because I JUST. CAN'T, LISTEN.

now why just can't i listen? well, there are certain songs that make me have an emotional experience that i just don't want to have.

for example, if anything by the Jonas Brothers (and i can hear the collective gaggings as i type that) comes on my shuffle, i just can't listen. reminds me of my highschool days and, besides the fact that i had Jesus and the Jonas Brothers, let me tell you....highschool was not fun.

if anything by Big Time Rush (be careful with the gagging, i think i actually heard a dry heave), specifically this one and this one (which technically an All Time Low cover...but still).

if "Say You Like Me" by We The Kings song comes on, it's a hit or miss....lately it's been a hit.

if ANYTHING......literally anything comes on my ipod shuffle that is by Hawk Nelson, i JUST CAN'T.

most of these songs i can't listen to. I CAN'T LISTEN TO BECAUSE OF FEELINGS.

an emotional experience will happen that i don't want to have. memories from that time in my lifewill come flodding back;

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Alyse Bingham said...

Unfortunately, I know this feeling. My ex and I gave each other a boat load of music when we were together. When we broke up, I ditched most of his: like, all but 3 songs. I'm pretty sure he did the same.