Wednesday, August 28, 2013

welp. this is my life now.

and to think. i was actually doing good with the whole blogging thing there....for like a week.

oh well. this is my life now.

learning about Jesus. Learning about how to use online school stuff. and more learning about Jesus.
 and i love it. 

i really love being able to study God's word as PART of my school. it is so refreshing to learn from a totally different, yet awesome perspective.

but this is also why i have been silent of here.  but it's a good excuse.....cough...i mean, reason.

i'll be back next week for sure. 
unless i find something else to blog about before the week is up. or i find my camera chord and decide to upload some pictures.

we shall see what happens!

is there anyone else that has started school in the last two weeks? 
or are you finished with school? 
what are YOU up to?

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