Wednesday, August 14, 2013

an ode to English. part 2.

if you didn't catch yesterday's post, click here. :)

and now, i give you the second installment of

wisdom from American Literature.

whilst reading Emerson:
" all you know are things from experience. that's how Christianity is claimed true. they saw someone walk on water, or turned locusts into fishes. " 
(when he said this, i was so very confused. obviously he meant water into wine.)

whilst reading Nathaniel Hawthorne:
"you may wonder 'how do i know what Hawthorne meant?' you don't. you can't crawl inside his head. he's dead."

whilst reading Bartleby the Scrivener:
"'s like being in the bottom of the well. charming."

(in reference to Bartleby, the main character) 
"he's an individual. he's marching to his own drum. well, actually, he;s not marching. he's standing to his own drum."

whilst reading Henry James:
"what the corset says is 'see? i don't work for a thing! you can tell!'"

whilst reading Langston Hughes:
"i'm a pretty white guy, so does that make me the essence of whiteness?"

whilst reading Kurt Vonnegut:
"here's something to get the history majors a little wiggly."

pretty sure that i still have more fun quotes from yet ANOTHER awesome English professor.
 i have yet to find them. 
let's hope it's sooner rather than later.
in the meantime, i hope you are enjoying my reminiscence of my time as an English major.
i know i am.

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