Monday, August 12, 2013

that one time where pinterest failed me.



i'm addicted to that website.

i'm forever pinning hair ideas, food, and clothes....among many other things.

speaking of food, the food pictures on pinterest are just rude. 


how dare you make me hungry while i'm just trying to enjoy a leisurely day on the computer fantasizing about how i wish my hair would look, and what my future wedding will be like.


i was on this magical land of happiness a little while back and found this:

it looked simple. it sounded tasty. 
it was very healthy. it only required TWO INGREDIENTS.

easy peasy.

so i made said cookies. and i was so excited about them.
i like bananas. i like oatmeal. i even like bananas in my oatmeal (but only from ihop)
so i figured this recipe was a win.

and when i made them and when they came out of the oven, they were even more of a win. they looked edible.

and that was about it.

when i picked a cookie up and bit into it....yeah no. 
not a fan. tasted like rubber. 
i am not okay with that.
never again.


there was no point to this. 
this has been a public service announcement NOT to try these cookies unless you decide to add something beautiful, like chocolate.


Lacey said...

LOL, we made these and the kids enjoyed them. Of course, I used overripe bananas-maybe that made a difference? :)

Nicole Shea said...

Haha!! We added chocolate chips to ours--it really helped out!