Friday, August 16, 2013

an ode to English. part 3.

and i have found the last set of hilariously inspiring teacher quotes! that came about much quicker than i expected it to.

*queue the hallelujah chorus*

so here is the third and final installment of 

wisdom from Journalism.

whilst explaining our Media Analysis Paper:
"grab a beer at six o'clock in the morning sometime." 
(granted, i can almost promise he was being sarcastic and that actually grabbing a beer at six in the morning is in fact, a really bad idea.)

whilst explaining Newspaper terms:
"the opinion page is where crazy happens. people will want to outlaw ducks."

whilst talking about the benefits of Social Media:
(in reference to character count)
"things like Twitter will help with being a journalist."

whilst having gotten on a rabbit trail about Kansas City:
"if you say anything else about Kansas City, i'm going to start punching."

whilst giving his opinion on lobsters:
"poop eating bottom feeders."

and finally.....

whilst giving advice for life:
"don't pet armadillos."

"don't handle skunk parts."

this class was just the best. because it was a journalism class, we would talk about all kinds of things, hence the really random pieces of advice and what not.

i'm thankful for the time that i had with these inspiring people.
thank you dr. kilgore, dr. eby, and "duffy" for your teaching! :)

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