Thursday, January 2, 2014

happy birthday mom!

christmas 2013

happy birthday mom!
i love you very much! 
you are the best, hardworking, caring mom in the world. 
thank you for your advice throughout the years. 
thanks for just listening to me as i talk and cry and complain about stupid things.

also, thanks for giving birth to me. ;)

you're the best momma in the whole wide world.


Happie Reading said...

awww this is sweet! i hope your mom got to read this! your blog is so cute, happy i stumbled across it! andddd i am your newest follower, hey-o! hopefully you can swing by mine sometime!

xo, Kelsey Belle | Happie Reading Blog

Caroline Gant said...

Kelsey! so sweet of you to stop by!

i just went by your blog- lOVE IT. FOLLOWING ASAP. <3 let's be bloggie friends..