Thursday, January 30, 2014

well that's interesting.

hi friends! 

there have been so many great articles and videos that i have come across this month. being a lover of sharing things, i have complied a list of all of the lovely reads/ watches, to share with you!

always go through these before posting. PLEASE.

and this puts lot's of things into perspective.

 i will never be able to express my love for these two ladies.

a bunch of things to tell your best friend(s)- and just so you know, they will love you for it. at least, mine did.

actually, minus the evolutionary things said because i disagree with evolutionary things, it's pretty interesting.

not an actual article, but a super fun quiz! it turns out that i'm marianne dashwood. interesting.

proof that ignorance is still running rampant. i mean come on, why? why can't someone be more than average?

 this is also ridiculous. again, the ignorance is real,  i swear.

yep. definitely want a big family. :)

 even more wonderful cover. dang.

currently looking for my passport. ASAP.

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