Wednesday, January 29, 2014

streams of deliriousness.

so if you live below the mason- dixon line in, or watch the news, you may have heard about the "snow storm" that was suppose to come.

i, of course, called bs on the entire thing. although, come yesterday with the sudden drop in temperature from the day before, i felt as though i would be putting my foot in my mouth.

i woke up this morning to ice everywhere. so.....just a part of my foot was in my mouth?

with this said weather change comes sickness. at least it does for me. with any drastic weather change (example: monday it was in the 60's or 70's and tuesday it dropped to the 30's and 40's), my body goes into some weird "mode" and i begin coughing up my lungs, sniffling everywhere, and sounding real husky-like.

it's super fun. not.

anyways, i have thus resorted to laying in bed all day watching 30 Rock,

 and drinking copious amounts of tea. 

for real though, the amount i've had is probably ungodly in other countries.
but i don't care.


i've rather enjoyed this rest day though. it's not something that happens very often, so when it does, i take FULL advantage of it.


yep. that's the delirium kicking in. i should probably quit typing now, for fear of saying anything else that may or may not make a whole lot of sense.

much like that of this post.

have a happy rest of your wednesday!

ps. if you've made it to the end, i love you. 

besties fo lyfe

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