Wednesday, January 1, 2014

happy new year!

earlier this week: we all grew up together!
left to right: myself, caleb, john, abby, zach, and brittany

the three of us were all in the same row (literally lined up like this) in youth choir. we were pains in the booty because we liked to laugh a lot.

wow. this year went by so fast.

wow. that was a cliche' thing to say.

but, wow. it's so true.

and as i attempt to look back on this much of it i do not remember. #awkward. the things i do remember though, i will always remember.

and like the time i experienced before Christmas that was a wake up call: there are things that happen, and yeah those things may suck. but God is sovereign. God has a plan. and, because of this, i need to work on loving Jesus, doing my best in school, and working to the glory of God. 

and that's what i'm going to do.

so happy to ring in the new year with these ladies along with a bunch of other great people!

clearly i am the most attractive one here. #sarcasm

tyreesh, myself, and emily made a new years eve chick-fil-a run. #worthit

and so now that 2014 has begun, i would like to share some goals that i want to accomplish. i realize this is pretty much the same idea has "resolutions", but i feel as though i have a better chance of actually attempting to accomplish them if i call the goals.

goals for 2014:

learn to love Jesus more.
be a better friend and keep in contact with those people who are my friends but have gone away to school or have moved away for good.
remember birthdays and be proactive about acknowledging them, particularly in regards to family and dear friends.
take more pictures.

what are your goals for the upcoming year?
please share!

i pray that God's will be done for us this coming year and that we continue to trust Him and always remember that HE HAS A PLAN.

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