Thursday, August 25, 2011

the awkward moment when.....'re sitting in political science class, listening to everyone talk about their different views on the war on terror, and feeling slightly intimidated with how INFORMED everyone is. i guess that, since i don't have cable and am not able to watch the news on a regular basis, i am uninformed. actually there is NO guessing about it.

my name is caroline and i am uninformed when it comes to the news and/or politics.

that's not going to be helpful when it's time to vote for a new president. is there any way to watch a live stream of Fox News or CNN online?

even though i felt really stupid in class, listening to all the other intelligent people, it was very interesting.................

......when someone mistakes the word "patient" for
the word "pregnant". i mean come on! how awkward is that? seriously??

what had happened was......i went into lunch at school. this was on the historic campus, in the teeny cafe. the nice lunch lady (and i mean NICE. she basically wants you to feel like home in this little place. and she succeeds. and she laughs really loud too.) asks me how i'm doing.

my reply is "i'm pretty good. just trying to be patient for winter to come. it's been too hot!" (if you live in Beaufort, SC, you know what i'm talking about. i feel almost like i am never dry, because i'm ALWAYS SWEATING...or so it seems.)

now i don't know if she can't hear very well, or if i was mumbling, or if it was the food machines producing the loud noise that machines like to make, or a combination of these things. but she thought i told her i was pregnant. PREGNANT. talk about awkward, especially when those that where in there could hear what was going on too....

what are some of your awkward moments of this week? tell me. i want to know. :)

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