Monday, August 22, 2011

sappy soap operas.....

as alyse says "i don't know how anyone can take this seriously. i mean how many takes do you think took for them to get the scene right? how can they sit there and look at each other passionately, have a cheesy heart to heart, and get through it with a straight face?"

i agree completely. we are sitting here in the school cafe, and there happens to be a soap opera on the tv. out of everything that could be on the tv- news, tlc, ANYTHING- there has to be a soap opera. bleh.

have you ever noticed how horrible some of these shows are? forget about the content, though that's nothing to sneeze about because the content isn't good either, but look how CHEESY they are. sappy too. i mean come on, it's like all they do is have dramatic sequences and and heart to hearts and.........blek......

it's nauseating.

by the way. alyse has a blog.

you should go look for it HERE

also, she just is an author. she has a book on amazon for sale. i didn't know this. i was just informed. :)

but ya'll should be lil sweethearts and go check it out. go here.

xie xie. gracias.

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AbbyGirl said...

I'm almost finished with my third book =) and I would get Alyse's, cept I don't have kindle :(