Saturday, August 27, 2011

God's timing is perfect no matter what

i'm straightening up my room today. thanks to some lovely ladies, my room was nice and clean when i got back form china. but after being back, unpacking, house sitting for a week, starting school, etc, it got a little messy. NOT NEAR AS BAD AS IT WAS, i can assure you. just needed to be straightened up.

well i was putting a book on my bookshelf and i noticed an old journal of mine from when i started high-school. i started flipping through in and saw how weird i was was in ninth grade. haha.....ever get embarrassed when looking at stuff from the past? it makes me laugh.

as i was flipping through my notebook, i saw a page of prayer requests that i had written out to remind my self to pray for as i would write in this journal. it was really awesome to see that God had answered those prayer requests.

one was of a girl we had gotten to know, that she would receive Christ; she did.
a couple others were for the missions teams of that year, that everything was going well; those were successful trips from what i had heard.

then i went to look at some personal prayer requests for me. the one that stood out said, and reminding myself to pray about, "if God is leading me to go to South Africa" and apparently i wanted to go that year (2009) and was in the process of filling out the application.

well it obviously wasn't in God's plan that i go on missions trip to South Africa in 2009. and not to go to china in 2010. But in 2011. perfect example of God's timing. i wasn't ready for a mission trip. He knew that 2011 was the year for me to go overseas, and NOT TO SOUTH AFRICA. i never knew that i wanted to go anywhere other then SOUTH AFRICA. don't get me wrong. i would still love to go there. but i was brought to the last place i thought i wanted to go. AND I LOVED IT.

i am so thankful that i was able to go to CHINA. we were so welcomed there. we fell in love with the children that we came in contact with. and i know God was glorified through what we were doing over there.

"There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven...." Ecclesiastes 3:1

God's timing is perfect no matter what. :)

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