Monday, September 12, 2011

are you human? and more words of wisdom.....

scene: riding in the car at 9 pm, on or way home from classes, my dear friend Rebecca and i are talking FOOD.

keep in mind that this is one of those times at night were one tends to get a little SLAP HAPPY.

i had just told Rebecca that i sometimes will dip carrot sticks in salsa, and when i eat peas, i HAVE to put barbecue sauce on them.

(note: most people think this is strange, including my mother)

in response, the conversation went like this:

me: "if i want to eat peas, i HAVE to put bbq sauce on them. it's so good."

Rebecca: (looking at me as if i have three heads. although it was dark so i couldn't see her face, i'm sure she was looking at me strange) "ARE YOU HUMAN?"

me: "Yes. Pinch me and I'll scream."

Rebecca: "Cut me and i'll bleed. wound me and i'll cry..."

and so my friends, the moral of this convo is:

"pinch me and i'll scream. cut me and i'll bleed. wound me and i'll cry."


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